About me

Hello, I’m Anna. I’m a wikimedian-in-residence at MediaLab/UFG since April, 2018 and was an Outreachy intern with Wikimedia from December, 2017 to March, 2018. I’m best known for the Brazilian Portuguese translation of Mastodon, a software designed to connect you to a decentralized, federated social network called the fediverse, and related projects (such as web and mobile applications). I’m also a proud translator on other free and open-source projects such as Tainacan and Tor Project. Among my interests and fields of work in technology are documentation, localization, internationalization and accessibility.

Internship with Wikimedia (2017-2018)

In an unprecedented initiative with two Community Liaisons, Johan Jönsson and Benoît Evellin, I dedicated three months to studying the internationalization and localization culture and practices on Wikimedia projects, in particular user guides on MediaWiki.org. In my analysis, I investigated aspects related to the writing of technical documentation, internationalization and localization of the software and its documentation, English fluency of the speakers of the 25 most used languages on Wikimedia projects, easiness to new contributors to join the project as technical translators (and how we welcome them), and the usability of the translation tool (Extension:Translate). My findings were published on a page dedicated to the project on MediaWiki.org, an article on the official Wikimedia Foundation blog (also available here with additional information), and on a final report.