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04 September / / Working open
Mastodon is one of the most successful software solutions to the decentralized, federated social network called the Fediverse. Sp3r4z’s stats has some interesting numbers about it: there are 3,173 active Mastodon instances summing up 1,510,563 accounts1. Using the motto “Social networking, back in your hands”, Eugen Rochko presents Mastodon as “a platform that is community-owned and ad-free”2, that “aims to be a safer and more humane place”3. However, looking closely, the absence of encouragement to participate in Mastodon’s development in all promotional material produced, even though it’s becoming a famous free and open source software project, reveals an elephant in the room: a history of refusal to work open, and the idea that Mastodon isn’t a community-driven project that welcomes contributions – it is, in fact, considered to be a personal project by its creator.