Outreachy report #12: Launching the December 2020 round

└─ 📂 Outreachy reports · September 6, 2020 · 3 minute read

Delayed opening

It’s been a while since the opening of an application period was so stressful, but we made it through. While Sage made sure new changes to the codebase were merged as soon as possible, I had the chance to ping communities directly to let them know we would be open for applications soon and invite them to participate in this round. Most of them confirmed their intention to sign up and followed through, one of them signed up without needing a ping, and one of them replied saying they wouldn’t have the time to participate due to COVID-19 constraints.

Sage and I had a few conversations about how to improve the application review workflow (and avoid repetitive strain injury from reviewing thousands of applications). These changes are now live and I’m quite confident they will improve our review practices significantly.


In addition to participating in #OutreachyChat, I saw an increase in requests to speak in both public and private events about the program. I received an invitation to become a curator for a week on a project about free and open source software makers, but ultimately decided to schedule my participation to next year to align it with our summer round schedule.

One of our interns requested an interview with an Outreachy organizer, and I’m planning on following up with her this week. Some Brazilian communities have approached me as well, and I’m doing my best to reply their inquiries during the initial application period to encourage Brazil residents to apply.

Meet the writer

Anna e só is a technical writer and consultant based in Brazil. They love working with open projects and take pride in offering them a unique point of view. They currently maintain Open Collective's documentation and help organize Outreachy. ⌨️