/ Anna e só

Photograph in black and white of a white woman with short hair sitted by a table in a classroom. Her head is down, indicating she is focused on the work she is doing. Using a digital magnifier in her left hand and an automatic pencil in her right hand, she does measurements to do markings on a A3 paper. By her side, two squares.

Anna is a proud visually impaired, non-binary person born and raised in Brazil that loves participating in initiatives related to privacy and security, decentralisation, open access and knowledge and disrupting the status quo to make tech more accessible and welcoming to others.

They are currently one of Outreachy’s helpers, offering the internship program that provided them their first job in the free, open source world with the Wikimedia community their expertise in community building, localization and internationalization, communication and a bit of their knowledge in Django.

Anna is also part of the team from the Laboratory of Participative Public Policies @ MediaLab/UFG that develops Tainacan, a free and open-source WordPress plug-in that strives for making managing and publishing digital repositories as easy as possible. They represented Tainacan on Mozilla Open Leader’s Round 6 and are one of the program’s experts since their 7th round.

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