Switching strategies and recalibrating expectations

As time went by during the initial outreach phase, I've come to realize how short my internship is to solve most, if not all, problems I've encountered that disturb the process of recruiting and welcoming new technical translators, and that haunts me.... read more »

Some loose thoughts about commercial social networks

I would really like to start this text by talking about how I have not had a Facebook profile for years, but we all know this is not true.... read more »

Bringing documentation to light

Obviously the work isn't completed with miracles and magic, but the full complexity and importance of all the work done behind the scenes did not occur to me until I got involved with one of the most important aspects of a free software project: documentation.... read more »

Talking about the fear of failure

Although anxious to put my knowledge and learning into practice, I feared I would make mistakes and not achieve the expected success. What happens if I do not find the perfect solution, if all my ideas are unsuccessful?... read more »

I see things from a different point of view

For a long time, hearing the word "work" would cause me to panic. How would be my routine? Would my employer be capable of understand and provide the accommodations I need to execute my duties? Would I be capable of working or having attractive qualifications to be hired?... read more »