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02 March 2018 / / Outreachy
It’s no secret I am a fairly new member of the Wikimedia movement. As you can see here, I only started contributing on September 11, 2017, encouraged by Outreachy’s application process. Since then, I made a total of 2,254 edits including translations, daily notes about my internship and production of small videos to illustrate my Translation quick guide. I was completely immersed in one single aspect of the movement—technical translations on MediaWiki.
18 January 2018 / / Outreachy
Painting of Saint Jerome, patron saint of translators, by Caravaggio. (Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons) To be honest, before becoming an Outreachy intern at the Wikimedia Foundation, I had never thought about many of the technical aspects of Wikimedia projects. Obviously the work isn’t completed with miracles and magic, but the full complexity and importance of all the work done behind the scenes did not occur to me until I got involved with one of the most important aspects of a free software project: documentation.