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Discovering Tainacan and Wiktionary

November 21-23 @ Museu do Índio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Workshop | Brazilian Portuguese

Reseachers from Museu do Índio were presented to the philosophy of open access and open knowledge through two free and open source tools: Tainacan, a WordPress plug-in dedicated to the management and publishing of digital repositories, and Wiktionary, a Wikimedia project analogous to a traditional dictionary.

Ephemeral, lost, forgotten: how to help to preserve human history in an ever-changing world

October 28 @ Mozilla Festival, London, United Kingdom | Learning forum | English

If historians from the future had to study our current way of life, how easy would it be to retrieve records about our present — especially digital content?

With the growing popularity of social media, there’s a tendency of prioritizing the speed a message will be delivered rather than its longevity, and knowledge produced by collaborative efforts using services like Facebook and Twitter becomes progressively unretrievable given their closed and ephemeral nature.

This session invites you to reflect on our own ephemerality and our role in the preservation of human culture. We’ll learn about tools and collaborative projects focused on taking care of our digital history, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of decentralised structures regarding their longevity, accessibility and easiness to use.

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The challenges of being a woman in a field predominantly masculine

October 16 @ CONPEEX, Goiânia, Brazil | Round-table discussion | Brazilian Portuguese

I joined Alline Oliveira, Clarissa Avelino Xavier de Camargo and Vanessa Avelino Xavier de Camargo in a discussion about our own struggles to enter (and stay in) the tech world.

Beyond Wikipedia

October 1-2 @ Museu do Índio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Workshop | Brazilian Portuguese

A team of researchers and museum employees were presented to the multiple possibilities Wikimedia projects can offer to cultural institutions to build their online presence.

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Open code =! working open: what I’ve learned after a year working in free and open source projects

September 29 @ Python Cerrado, Brasília, Brazil | Talk | Brazilian Portuguese

How do open source projects work? How can one start contributing? Is it even possible to be paid to work on them? This talk explores my own path within the open source world to answer those questions and more.

Project showcase — Translation outreach: User guides on MediaWiki.org

March 22 @ The Internet | Public presentation | English

A brief presentation about the objectives, findings and results of my Outreachy internship with the Wikimedia community.

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